The Inspiration

The satisfaction, joy, happiness & fulfillment that one can experience
by offering a gift to oneself or to one’s friends
This great feeling has driven our strategic thought towards the
creation of brand Visetti


Brand’s Philosophy

Visetti is not just a watch or jewel, is a way of thinking, way of communicating,
way of setting standards, way of being yourself…
All products mix & match, reflect everyday life, reveal personality aspects,
propose a cool way of living


How we do it

We travel around the world, visiting international fairs & fashion shows to
identify new trends.
We pay much attention to human contemporary needs and our product
development is entirely based on this factor.


Creativity – Unique design

Our creative team, composed of young designers who belong to our target
group, works on a wide range of ideas which stem from our travelling
After comprehensive study upon all available information & targeted market
research, we come up with our Unique Visetti design


High-End Quality

Quality is a top priority for us. We always use durable materials & all our
products stand out for their craftsmanship and are subject to thorough quality
control before they reach market. Visetti watches come with a 2-year
international warrantee


Exceptional Packaging

Regardless of price, a watch or a jewel is a precious item,
a piece of art, and this is exactly the way that they should
be treated. This is the reason why we put emphasis on our
packaging, which reflects the value of its content and fully
responds to its beauty.


the past

When:launched in Athens at April 2006
What: Modern, stylish Watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, pendants, pens, key holders, lighters
Materials: stainless steel, leather, rubber, carbon fiber, crystal stones
For: Men & Women of new era, age 18-45
Social & financial status: middle Dynamic, modern, followers of trends, socializers


the present


  • 300 placements in Greece
  • 800 points of sales worldwide, having exclusive distributors in many countries,
  • like: Italy, Cyprus, France, Malta, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Norway,
  • Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, U.A.E., Bahrain, Oman
  • Portfolio
  • 600 references including jewels and watches for men and women
  • Marketing strategy
  • P.O.S. material
  • Promotive activities: TV shows, radio, lifestyle magazines, outdoor media, fashion & music events


the future

The goals

  • Global expansion through stable & long-lasting co-operations
  • Brand awareness via targeted & local marketing strategies
  • Monobrand boutique shops
  • Optimal brand positioning through Shop-in-shop concept
  • Product range enrichment to cover contemporary needs

Contact Us

  • TEL.: +30 210 57 75 422
  • FAX: +30 210 57 77 861
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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