Prince Silvero

Prince Silvero, who has created the product Visetti, is one of the leading Greek companies in the Silverware Industry, which has been steadily rising since its first day of operation in 1994, to date.

Based on the specialization and the supply of high aesthetics and usability products, the company has a state-of-the-art production of, silver decoration items and gift products.

Throughout its long history, Prince Silvero has become one of the most recognized companies in the Silverware Industry with significant collaborations around the world. The company has a subsidiary company in Cyprus, with major export activities in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Turkey, USA, Israel, Lebanon and other Arab States.

Prince Silvero’s Products, meet high quality and safety standards, following the trends of fashion and modern lifestyle. These products include silver picture frames, silver gifts for children, wedding gifts, silver jewelry and products especial for interior decoration.

Prince Silvero’s Philosophy is customer-oriented, as the customer is the driving force of all the company’s operations. All processes, the actions and the business planning focus on meeting the customer needs. The main company’s concern is to be up-to-date about the new trends in interior design, to design and create products aiming at maximizing customer’s desires.

Within the framework of personalized customer service, Prince Silvero, could make special orders for customers who want unique products. Special orders are made upon customer’s agreement with the Company’s department of creating products.

Prince Silvero modern production includes:

  • Metal Working Machines
  • Cutting and Engraving of wood and other raw materials
  • Wood Painting
  • Configuring Materials
  • Design Department
  • Warehouses for products
  • Assembling and Packaging Department

In the consciousness of people who deal with her, Prince Silvero is considered to be a company with strong personality and Human Face. The image of a flexible, trustworthy and responsible partner was first and foremost cultivated by executives who work with faith in company’s goals and vision, in all positions.

Corporate Objectives

Prince Silvero’s primary goal is to maintain and strengthen its positions on the Greek and International markets, loyal to its conviction to offer top quality products. Prince Silvero will continue to embrace healthy entrepreneurial and ethical practices in all its strategic choices and transactions.

The product line fully meets our customers’ requirements, making every effort at the lowest cost, while fulfilling all relevant legislation.

Prince Silvero seeks to maintain its strategic partnerships and aims at investing resources to enrich the range of her offered products.

The management of the company supports the investment in employees with experience and skills, with emphasis on continuous training, in order to provide high quality services, information and solutions to its customers.